Introduction of teleoperational technology into emergency department

M.Yu. Tarasov, R.V. Klymovytskyi, O.Ye. Chubatov


Background. The problem of getting urgent medical consultation by a specialist is of particular relevance for such branch of medicine as traumatology, as the lack of qualified assistance in emergency situations often leads to unsatisfactory results of urgent surgeries. The purpose of our study was the development and inrtoduction into practice the teleoperational technology for remote consultation of the patients requiring urgent surgery, and also the subsequent analysis of the performed operations by studying and discussing the X-ray images and the video records of operation by experts. Materials and methods. The technology of video broadcast of images from operating room cameras to the Internet is realized on the base of the operating room in the emergency department of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. The resource, which allows watching the course of operation and to making the video of the operation remotely, is launched into work. Results. The introduced technical solutions make it possible to consult remotely the patients, who require an urgent surgery, and to control the operation course by audiocommunication with the surgeons and visual control of the operation through the Internet. The subsequent analysis of a technique and course of operation by studying the video records made remotely is also possible. Conclusions. The proposed technology assumes a reduction in postoperative complications, a decrease in the time to provide specialized care, an increase in positive postoperative results.


telemedicine; teleoperating room; remote consul- ting


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