Reconstructive and regenerative surgeries of the hip joint. The role and importance of the works of professor M.I. Kulish in its development

M.O. Korzh, V.O. Tankut, V.A. Filipenko, A.I. Zhigun, O.V. Tankut, S.E. Bondarenko


Background. Reconstructive and restorative surgeries in various forms of coxarthrosis are of great importance and occupy one of the leading places in reconstructive joint surgery. The first stage of growth and development of the techniques of these surgeries started in the 1960–70s. Positive results reached 56–60 %. The purpose of the study was to determine the role and significance of reconstructive operations in the restorative surgery of the hip joint. Materials and methods. Professor M.I. Kulish and his students analyzed the results of treatment of 2012 patients with various forms of coxarthrosis, in whom reconstructive and restorative operations on the hip joints were performed. Results. The number of positive outcomes in surgeries using the method of prof. M.I. Kulish was 88 %, which is much higher than the quality indicators in operations performed by means of previously accepted methods.


coxarthrosis; reconstructive surgery; treatment out-comes


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