Optimal methods of correction of displacements and conservative therapy in patients with fractures of distal metaepiphysis of the radial bone

A.K. Rushai, S.V. Lisunov, L.V. Bogdanova


The authors analyzed treatment outcomes in 97 patients with fractures of distal metaepiphysis of the radial bone. The principle of multimodal anesthesia was used. The traditional way of diaplasis of fragments is carried out as follows. The patient sits down sideways to a table, holds the arm bent at the elbow joint on a table. One assistant takes the I finger of the patient using one arm, using another — the II–IV fingers. The second assistant carries out a countertraction by capture of the lower third of a brachium. Fragments are stretched slowly, within 3–5 minutes, eliminating shift of fragments to length. After the fragments are stretched, the surgeon presses the first fingers on the distal segment with the protruding knuckle and provides the hand with the position of the ulnar deflection and slight flexion. Further, such technology was recognized as traumatic, other techniques were offered. Correction of shift of fragments was carried out by us taking into account individual characteristics of a clinical case. It was atraumatic. In 28 patients with extraarticular stable fractures of the radial bone, the sparing technology of single-step diaplasis was used, in which at the fixed elbow joint, the low-traumatic traction on length and flexions towards the available shift was carried out. At the same time, the doctor eliminated shift on width with pressing a distal fragment then correction of angle shift by an insignificant flexion — the principle of three points was carried out, Jon Charnley in 1950 described such technique for the first time. In 69 patients with comminuted and unstable fractures, the reposition was carried out with the use of technique of adhesive plaster traction modified by us, as an analog of the standard method, — “tower” and “Chinese trap”. After reposition, fragments were fixed by a plaster or plastic bandage in the position of slight stretching and slight flexion or extension of the hand, a slight supination. We considered it very important that measures should be taken to prevent neurodystrophic syndrome, taking into account the probability of its development. Thermometry of fingers of damaged and healthy extremities was performed in patients with fracture of distal metaepiphysis of the radial bone fractures. We used a universal medical infrared thermometer. The device reads the intensity of the infrared radiation of the object being studied, converting its values into numerical ones. The obtained data confirmed a high probability of post-traumatic neurodystrophic syndrome with the growth of the temperature gradient, even without taking into account other predictors. Conservative therapy included medicines, physiotherapy and kinesitherapy. The high efficiency of treatment of patients with fractures of distal metaepiphysis of the radial bone was shown: the number of good results on radiological data — 44.9 %, on DASH score — 67.2 %.


fracture of distal metaepiphysis of the radial bone; correction; conservative therapy


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