Biomechanical walking features in patients with coxarthrosis by the GAITRite system data Part 1. The geometric parameters of walking

S.S. Strafun, О.V. Fischenko, О.D. Karpinska


Background. The purpose was to assess the dynamics of changes and the features of the geometric parameters of patients’ walking before and after total hip replacement with the preservation and reduction of the hip abductor moment arm length after arthroplasty in the long-term follow-up period. Materials and methods. We analyzed the geometric parameters of walking — the length of the step (Step Length) or a short step; the length of the long stride (Stride Length), the width of the support (H-H Base Support) and the value of the toe in/out angle (Toe In/Toe Out) that were obtained with the GaitRite system. The walking parameters of 46 patients with coxarthrosis were analyzed. In group I, there were 26 patients, in whom the hip abductor length did not change, or the difference did not exceed 10 mm downwards, the second group included patients (n = 20), who had a decrease in hip abductor moment arm length by more than 10 mm after arthroplasty. The examination was carried out before replacement and in remote observation periods — in 1–1.5 and 5–7 years. Results. Prior to the surgery, groups were identical in terms of parameters of walking. In most patients, arthroplasty led to the restoration of walking parameters, although in most cases, the normalization of the parameters did not reach the average referential rate, but in most patients, the symmetry of walking was restored. After 5–7 years, patients had worsening of walking parameters, and in some persons, deterioration of the indices reached values before the surgery. This was particularly noticeable in patients with reduced hip abductor length. In these persons, there is a constant overstrain of these muscles, which leads to the development or progression of degenerative changes in other joints of the lower limb that causes a worsening of walking in a remote observation period. Conclusions. The analysis showed that in patients with a decrease in hip abductor length, there is a loss of support and walking skills acquired after arthroplasty in the late period as a result of prolonged unilateral overstrain of the prosthetic limb muscles.


hip replacement; hip abductors; geometric parameters of walking


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