Analysis of stress-strain state of trochanteric femoral fracture models after joint endoprosthesis

V.A. Babalian, M.Yu. Karpinsky, A.V. Jaresko


Background. Recrowbars proximal femur in people of elderly and senile age are complex medical and social problem we developed and introduced into medical practice method for treatment of fractures of the proximal part of the femur at the core. This method is the bipolar gemiartroplastic with augmentation cement, detent spokes in elderly patients. The purpose was to develop a mathematical model of trochanteric hip fractures on the classification of Evans and using it to explore the main areas of tension in the thighs in the proximal section endoprotesis with extra fixation of fragments spokes. Materials and methods. For the task were developed mathematical models of femur fractures of spits different types of classification Evans. 4 types of Simulated fractures of the femur (2-5 types on Evans). Each type of fracture simulated using a standard implant with fixing individual fragments knitting and modular Endoprosthesis of the proposed design. Conclusions. When modeling options for treating femoral proximal femur fractures spits 2-5 types for classification of Evans, it is determined that the modular system in all types of fractures, can significantly reduce the voltage, virtually all control points of bone modeling elements. In the elements of metal structures, at the expense of significantly lesser rigidity connection node bearing rod with intramedular, the first elevated stress zones occur where an absolute they are usually much higher than in the model with the prosthesis.


fractures; arthroplasty; proximal femoral bone


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