Clinical and diagnostic value of biomechanical walking disorders in patients with initial stages of coxarthrosis

V.G. Lutsyshyn


Basic parameters of walking were studied in 105 patients with the initial stages of coxarthrosis. The walking function was examined using the GAITRite® electronic system. It was revealed that the initial walking disorders in the form of a slight asymmetry of walking parameters are present already in patients with stage I coxarthrosis. The cause for the changes in the quality of walking in patients with stage I of the disease is exclusively adaptive changes, when the patient makes the movements more cautious to avoid provocation of pain. In patients with stage II of the disease, the symmetry of walking parameters is lower than in patients with stage I, besides, the duration of support increases with time, which indicates a physiological correction of walking. Deterioration in the quality of walking is caused not only by behavioral changes, but also by motor disorders due to changes in the affected joint function.


coxarthrosis; hip joint; GAITRite®


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