Results of radial head arthroplasty

S.S. Strafun, I.M. Kurinnyi, O.S. Strafun


Background. Restoration of the elbow joint function after radial head fractures remains an extremely topical problem. Materials and methods. In our study, there were 18 patients with trauma of the elbow joint area, who had undergone radial head arthroplasty. In 4 patients (22.2 %), the arthroplasty was performed within 10–12 days after the injury, in 14 patients (77.8 %) — on average 2 months after. In the vast majority of cases (16 persons), surgery was performed on the background of other injuries of the elbow joint. Isolated fracture of the radial head occurred only in 2 patients. The number of operated men and women was equal — 9 persons each, the average age of them was 44.6 ± 9.9 years. Results. The results of the treatment were evaluated in 14 patients within 4 months to 4 years after the surgery (on average 2.19 ± 1.63 years after) using the Mayo Elbow Performance Score. Excellent results of treatment were obtained in 6 cases (42.8 %), good — in 4 (28.6 %) and satisfactory — in 4 cases (28.6 %). An increase in the amplitude of elbow joint movements ranged from 30 to 70° and was individual in each case. Conclusions. Radial head arthroplasty is an effective surgical method to restore the elbow joint function in severe irreversible fractures of the head itself and in cases of combined fractures in the elbow joint area.


radial head arthroplasty; results of treatment


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