Features of rehabilitation of victims with polysystemic injuries depending on the stage of traumatic disease

S.O. Guryev, N.I. Berezka, A.G. Istomin, S.P. Satsyk, V.A. Kushnir, V.I. Grebenyuk, A.P. Kushnir


Background. In the last decades in all countries of the world, the number of victims with severe polysystemic and polyorganic damages increased. The most frequent causes of injuries are road accidents, which lead to a high mortality rate of up to 45 %, disability of the victims from 8 to 14 %, and among disabled people, persons under 40 years of age make up 70 %. Purpose to study the features of rehabilitation of victims with polysystemic lesions depending on the stage of traumatic disease. Materials and methods. A retrospective scientific analysis of 228 cases of polysystemic damage in victims of road accidents in 2015–2016 was conducted at the premises of Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital. Results. The effectiveness of rehabilitation measures in victims of road accidents is not high and reaches no more than 58 % of the total recovery of the function of organs and systems of the body. Conclusions. Rehabilitation measures are an integral and obligatory component of the treatment and diagnostic process in victims of road accidents. The methods of carrying out rehabilitation measures should be comprehensive and individual, taking into account the severity and nature of damage, the course of traumatic disease, but within the framework of a unified metho­dological rehabilitation system.


rehabilitation; traumatic disease; polysystemic lesions


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