Effect of negative pressure therapy on inflammation and regeneration in extremity gunshot wounds in early period

L.Yu. Naumenko, O.M. Horehliad


Although vacuum-assisted closure approved as cost-effective and a powerful therapeutic method over the past two decades, the variety of injuries due to gunshot (including battle injuries) wounds requires further investigation of negative pressure therapy effect on wound healing. The aim of the work was a comprehensive analysis of effectiveness of vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) by the changes in leucogram and cytogram from wound content in patients with severe gunshot wounds. VAC was found to improve regeneration process confirmed by faster change of degenerative-necrotic cytogram from wound content, to accelerate normalization of leucogram parameters due to reduction of necrobiosis, increase vascular endothelial growth factor in blood serum, diminish the portion of purulent-septic complications, decrease the period for reconstructive interventions start in patients undergone negative pressure therapy by an average of 5.2 ± 0.8 day.


wound healing; negative pressure therapy; leucogram; cytogram; surface biopsy; VEGF


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