Determination of risk factors for negative results of total hip replacement using Physiohip trabecular bionic leg

О.M. Kosyakov, О.A. Burianov, О.D. Karpinska, V.K. Bondar


Background. The purpose of the work was to identify and assess the impact of risk factors on negative results of total hip arthroplasty with the use of the trabecular bionic leg Physiohip. Materials and methods. The results of treatment were analyzed in 63 patients with degenerative­dystrophic diseases of the hip joint after total hip arthroplasty using trabecular bionic leg Physiohip. Patients were divided into 2 groups: group I (n = 37) received treatment according to the standard method of arthroplasty conducting and planning, group II (n = 26) was treated using improved technique of selecting indications for hip replacement and the management of patients after it. Results. Based on the analysis of treatment outcomes in group I, the following factors and risks for negative endoprosthetic results were determined: age — 0.58; body mass index — 0.63; decreased bone mineral density — 0.8; somatic diseases — 0.75; early load — 0.32. Taking into account the obtained data, group II included patients of the younger age, persons with idiopathic coxarthrosis and avascular necrosis of the femoral head, without excessive weight (more than 120 kg), without significant osteoporosis and somatic diseases that made it possible to avoid unsatisfactory results and to increase the number of excellent ones. But despite the improved methods, in the presence of osteoporosis and somatic diseases, the risk of complications does not reduce. Conclusions. Obtained data about the factors that can influence the negative result of hip arthroplasty when using endoprostheses with trabecular bionic leg Physiohip make it possible to assess the risk of negative outcomes in future arthroplasty, and to avoid it by using special measures.


arthroplasty; hip joint; trabecular bionic leg Physiohip


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