Study of structural features in the experimental chronic knee osteoarthritis in rabbits

P.V. Tkachuk, S.S. Strafun, S.I. Savosko, O.M. Makarenko


Our own way of modeling traumatic knee osteoarthrosis in rabbits is described in the article. The access to the animals’ joint was provided, the tibial ligament was cut, destruction of the central part of the epiphyseal surface of the tibial bone was performed mechanically, the vessels of the bursal sac were coagulated on a joint contour for additional ischemia. Histological researches 1.5 and 2.5 months after the operation showed the degenerative changes of the hyaline cartilage, reduction in cartilage thickness and cellular structure, invasion of blood vessels and lacuna formation in the deep cartilage layers. The cases of the full (total) degeneration of the joint surface were detected.


degenerative changes; experiment; model of osteoarthritis


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