Our clinical experience of the justified use of hip joint endoprosthesis with trabecular bionic stem Physiohip in patients with coxarthrosis degree III–IV

Kosiakov O.M., O.A. Burianov, V.K. Bondar


Background. Aseptic instability of the endoprosthesis was known from the very beginning of this method of treatment. F. Copf in 1987 proposed a new approach using trabecular bionic endoprosthesis. But in some cases, our practice has shown negative short-term treatment outcomes. A detailed analysis of these studies was conducted, its results are considered in this scientific work. Purpose: to improve the results of hip replacements based on the justified use of endoprosthesis with the trabecular bionic stem Phy-siohip in patients with coxarthrosis. Materials and methods. At the premises of Kiev Municipal Orthopedic Center of Replacement, Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Kyiv Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 12 in 2013–2017, we have 26 treated patients who underwent hip arthroplasty using trabecular bionic stem Physiohip according to our improved technique. There were 21 (81 %) men and 5 (19 %) women. The average age of patients was 39 (24–63) years. Endoprosthetics was performed in case of idiopathic coxarthrosis degree III–IV in 16 patients (62 %), in avascular necrosis of the femoral head degree III–IV — in 10 patients (38%). The evaluation of functional treatment outcomes was performed on the Harris Hip Score in the postoperative period in 1, 3, 6 months, and later — after 1, 3 and 5 years. Results. Excellent results after surgery were obtained in 19 patients (73.1 %), good results — in 5 (19.2 %), in 2 (7.7 %) persons, the result was satisfactory, and there were no unsatisfactory results. Conclusions. An analysis of the study results shows that it is important to take into account the forms of coxarthrosis, age and gender of patients, body weight, the presence of comorbid pathology and osteoporosis when choosing indications to total hip replacement using Physiohip trabecular bionic stem.


idiopathic coxarthrosis; avascular necrosis of the femoral head; hip replacement; trabecular bionic stem Physiohip; improving the method of arthroplasty; Harris Hip Score; visual analogue scale


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