The reconstruction of complex cases of septic non-union of the tibia

A.K. Rushay, A.V. Borzykh, A.A. Martinchuk


The paper substantiates the reconstructive treatment of complex cases of septic non-unions of the bones of the leg. Analysis of 31 observations allowed us to formulate directions of the comprehensive treatment — rehabilitation, plastics of soft and bone tissue defects; the creation of the optimal conditions for bone healing. The use of modern evaluation systems made impossible to objectify the tactics of treatment and the results obtained. The existing non-union assessment system, the Non-Union Scoring System (NUSS), was an effective tool for clarifying the scope of treatment. Comprehensive treatment of the complex septic non-unions of the tibia consisted in reconstructive surgical interventions, conservative therapy and rehabilitation measures. Surgical treatment of septic non-union of the tibia is resolved many of the existing problems. Not only the volume of interventions was of great significance, but also the order and sequence of their implementation. The primary task was to repair the site of inflammation. At the same time, the issues of plasty for defects of soft and bone tissue were solved; optimal conditions for the healing of the fragments (stimulation of bone regeneration) were created. Surgical treatment was multi-staged. Each previous one solved any of the existing problems, created conditions for the optimal performing of the next; all stages obeyed the general strategy — to restore maximally the function of the limb. The results obtained were evaluated as good using the evaluation scale of Karlstrom-Olerud (based on NUSS).


septic non-union of the tibia; reconstruction


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