Analysis of the diagnostic informativity of the methods of radiation visualization in the diagnostics of the deforming osteoarthrosis of hip and knee joints in clean-up workers of Chernobyl accident

P.O. Korol, M.M. Tkachenko


Background. The purpose was to study the diagnostic informativeness of the basic methods of beam imaging in the diagnostics of deforming osteoarthrosis (DO) of the hip and knee joints in clean-up workers of Chornobyl accident. Materials and methods. The work included 160 patients with DO of the hip and knee joints (of which 96 women and 64 men), aged 48 to 85 years. All patients performed a comprehensive study using the basic methods of beam imaging: X-ray, thermography (TG), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 3-fase bone scintigraphy (3f-BS). Results. According to the diagnostic informative analysis, the 3f-BS method has higher sensitivity and accuracy (93.4 and 88.6 %) than X-ray method (62.5 and 65.8 %), US (80.7 and 85.2 %) , TG (83.2 and 74.3 %), respectively. However, CT and MRI methods have higher specificity (92.1 and 94.6%) in relation to the 3f-BS method (83.3 %), respectively. Conclusions. In the differential diagnosis of DO participants in clean-up workers of Chornobyl accident 3f-BS in combination with X-ray and TG is appropriate for the purpose of studying the prevalence of the pathological process in the hip and knee joints, and in combination with the methods of US, CT or MRI - for monitoring the dynamics of the pathological process in the postoperative period, as well as to assess the effectiveness of antibacterial and surgical treatment.


деформуючий остеоартроз; діагностична інформативність методу; кульшові та колінні ­суглоби


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