Methods of treatment of proximal tibia deformity

O.H. Dunai


Background. Degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints of the lower extremities are quite spread. Among the intervention methods of treatment, according to the stage of knee osteoarthritis, correcting osteotomies hold an important place due to the opportunity of load redistribution in the joint and prolong of the term of its functioning. Purpose: to evaluate the long-term results of treatment of the proximal tibia deformity ­using the modified method of Ilizarov Materials and methods. We observed 14 patients with deformities of the proximal tibia deformity, who underwent corrective corticotomy of the tibia with fixation in Ilizarov frame using our technique. Results. After 2 years, 10 out of 14 operated patients showed improvement in the knee joint functioning: the pain had almost relieved, the range of movements increased, there were no synovitis. After 10 years, 9 patients were examined who were still quite active in using the operated limb. Conclusions. The tibia corticotomy technique proposed by us with further fixation with Ilizarov frame is quite effective in preventing proximal tibia deformity due to intervention, without the need to use small invasive metal clamps, and the possibility of postoperative correcting the limb axis. In addition, there is no need for bone grafting and further removal of the clamp.


osteoarthritis of the knee; corrective corticotomy; Ilizarov frame


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