Determination knee synovial membrane in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

S.I. Gerasymenko, M.V. Polulyakh, O.G. Gayko, L.V. Perfilova, A.M. Babko, A.S. Gerasymenko


Background. The study is relevant due to the introduction and inclusion of new quantitative methods into the widely known diagnostic complex to get comprehensive information in order to increase efficiency of the rheumatoid arthritis diagnosing. The purpose was to increase efficiency of the diagnosing of rheumatoid arthritis using quantitative determination of the knee synovial membrane functioning by the diagnostic electropunctural method of R. Voll. Materials and methods. The study involved 28 patients with the rheumatoid arthritis, among them 24 women and 4 men aged 17–75 years. Highly sensitive non-invasive express-method of electropunctural diagnostics of R. Voll consists in determining and assessment of functional state of any organ-tissue human formations based on the measurements (in just a few minutes) of skin electrical conductivity with a point electrode in representative biological active points in corresponding meridians. The change in these formations leads to the change of electrical conductivity in their representative biologically active points. The electrical conductivity enhancement shows the presence and intensity degree of inflammation in certain structure, in particular, in synovial membrane. Inflammatory stages by R. Voll are as follow: І — 66–75, ІІ — 76–85 and ІІІ — 86–100 standard units. A representative point of joints, particularly knee, was observed. The surveys were carried out symmetrically (right and left). Results. There were performed over 56 symmetric measurement regarding maximal values from the most damaged parts. Inflammatory stage І was defined in 9 (32.14 %), ІІ — in 17 (60.71 %) and III — in 2 (7.14 %) patients. Conclusions. Application of the express-method of electropunctural diagnostics by R. Voll allows significantly improve the efficiency of diagnosing of the rheumatoid arthritis by quantitative determination of knee synovial membrane functioning. All patients (100 %) demonstrated confirmed non-specific inflammatory character of pathological process of different intensity degree by the stages І–ІІI by R. Voll in the knee synovial membrane. Different intensity of inflammation (stages І–ІІI) allows recommending a pathogenetically grounded anti-inflammatory therapy. Receiving quantitative data about different intensity of inflammation by R. Volls stages potentiates to assess objectively a functional state of the knee synovial membrane in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Different intensity degree of inflammation by R. Voll directly in synovial membrane can demonstrate a different degree of activity of non-specific inflammatory process at rheumatoid arthritis.


electropunctural diagnosing by R. Voll; rheumatoid arthritis; knee synovial membrane; representative biologically active point; stages of inflammatory process by R. Voll; standard units


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