Hyaluronic acid preparations in the system of rehabilitation treatment for cartilage damage after arthroscopic surgeries on the knee joint


  • P.V. Bolkhovitin Medical Center “Kinezio”, Kharkiv, Ukraine,
  • A.I. Belostotskyi Medical Center “Kinezio”, Kharkiv, Ukraine,
  • M.P. Bolkhovitin Medical Center “Kinezio”, Kharkiv, Ukraine,




hyaluronic acid, cartilage damage, arthroscopy, rehabilitation treatment, osteoarthritis, knee joint


The article presents the study on the effectiveness of proFLEX INTRA, a hyaluronic acid preparation, during rehabilitation after arthroscopic interventions in patients with damage to the articular cartilage of the knee joint. The study involved men and women aged 18–70 with Kellgren-Lawrence grade 1–2 knee osteoarthritis and cartilage lesions degree 2–4 according to R. Outerbridge; they underwent arthroscopic surgeries for various reasons. Patients were randomly assigned to the main (30 people) and control (30 individuals) groups. Patients of the main group on the 14th day after ­arthroscopic surgery on the knee joint received intraarticular injections of proFLEX INTRA (Delta Medical Promotions AG, Switzerland), 20 mg/ml 3 ml. It was found that the studied drug has a significant therapeutic effect in case of damage to the articular cartilage, which is manifested in a decrease in the severity of pain according to visual analogue scale; restoration of the function of the damaged joint evaluated by the time taken to cover a distance of 30 m and the Lequesne index; in reducing the severity of inflammatory and dystrophic manifestations in a biochemical blood test.


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