Evaluation of Flextra® efficiency in patients with lateral elbow and Achilles tendinopathies


  • R.I. Blonskyi Medical Center “European Orthopedics”, Kyiv, Ukraine




lateral elbow tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy


Background. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the combination use of Flextra® and extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) or ESWT alone from the standpoint of clinical and structural evolution of tendinopathies (Achilles and lateral elbow tendinopathy). Materials and methods. The study was conducted at the premises of the Medical Center “European Orthopedics” in Kyiv for 2020–2021. Seventy-four patients (39 women and 35 men, mean age of 42.7 ± 5.4 years) were examined, they were randomly divided into four groups. The first group included patients with Achilles tendinopathy and the second one — those with lateral elbow tendinopathy. Both groups received two Flextra capsules a day for 90 days and underwent a course of ESWT. The third group included individuals with Achilles tendinopathy and the fourth group — patients with lateral epicondylitis, who underwent the same course of ESWT (7 procedures). Results. The study showed that taking Flextra® in combination with ESWT has a statistically significant effect on the structure and clinical symptoms of various tendinopathies. In patients with t.calcaneus tendinopathy and epicondylitis, the drug plays an important role in the healing of tendons, which is reflected in the results of ultrasound examinations. Conclusions. Flextra® is an effective and safe drug in the treatment of Achilles tendinopathy and epicondylitis, and the additional use of ESWT provides high efficiency, especially in the initial stages of the disease.


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