Transfer of Innovations in Medicine and Modern Methods for Calculation of Economic Efficiency

P.F. Muzychenko


This paper presents materials on the calculation of the cost-effectiveness of new methods for surgical treatment of diffe­rent directions in medicine with the use of new tools with original design that are developed both in Ukraine and abroad. In addition, the author shares the results of the evaluation of economic calculations of surgical treatment in orthopedic trauma patients using his own technique and domestic tools of METOST system developed by the author. To confirm his proposals, the author used mathematical calculations and statistical data of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. These calculations of clinical implementation of fixation devices of METOST system enabled us to recommend them for widespread clinical use, and for the past 25 years they have dominated both on the domestic market of medical devices for osteosynthesis and abroad. During the capitalization of the country, and especially in the period of transition to insurance medicine, calculation of economic efficiency of introduction of new methods of treatment and calculation of treatment costs in general is a very important socio-economic factor. Using techniques described in this paper, it is possible to calculate the economic costs of treatment and cost-effectiveness of innovation in any field of medicine.


economics; calculation; surgical treatment; osteosynthesis


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