Analysis of Cases of Acute HIV-Infection in Patients with Polytrauma

S.O. Huriev, O.S. Soloviov


At the present time, epidemiological situation of HIV-infection remains unsatisfactory in the world in general and in Ukraine in particular. The article presents an analysis of 34 case histories of patients hospitalized in 2014 in the polytrauma unit of one of the municipal clinical hospitals and later discharged with a diagnosis of acute HIV infection. Among HIV-infected patients with polytrauma, young people, persons of working age prevail, confirming the medical and social status of the problems. In most HIV-infected patients, the dominant traumas are cranial and thoracic ones, which are found in 35.56 and 29.63 % of cases. The manifestations of acute HIV-infection among patients with polytrauma manifest in the period of unstable adaptation, in the form of candidiasis, serous aseptic meningitis and bacterial pneumonia.


polytrauma; injure; HIV-infection; diagnosis


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