Method of Acetabular Cup Insertion in Total Hip Arthroplasty in Conditions of Osteoporosis due to Trauma

V.A. Filipenko, V.O. Tankut, S.Ye. Bondarenko, O.I. Zhyhun, O.V. Tankut, M. Akondjom


Stable long-term fixation of the acetabular cup in arthroplasty of patients with osteoporosis and altered anatomy of the hip joint is a difficult task. Objective: to examine the results of using techniques for acetabular osteoporotic wall thickening with bone autografts and ceramics in patients with the consequences of hip injuries in the early stages of observation.
Material and methods. In the clinic of orthopedic arthrology and joint replacement of the State Institution «Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology named after Prof. M.I. Sytenko of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine» for the period from 2013 to 2015, 21 patients (21 joints) with the consequences of hip injuries underwent arthroplasty using the technique of osteoporotic wall thickening by cancellous autografts and ceramics. In 15 patients, hip replacement was performed for nonunion of the femoral neck; in 1 — for false joint of transtrochanteric region of the femur; in 1 — for nonunion of subtrochanteric area of the femur; in 3 — for post-traumatic avascular necrosis, one of them had concomitant false joint in the area of the femoral neck; in 1 — for post-traumatic coxarthrosis with false joint of the femoral neck. The average age of patients was 64.1 years (ranged from 42 to 78 years), including 12 males and 9 females.
Results of the study. Positive results of treatment with a mean follow-up of 15 (from 4 to 34) months after the surgery were obtained in 100 % of cases. Functional state of the hip by Harris hip score improved on the an average from 34 to 88 points. In all cases in this time frame, no radiographic evidence of acetabular cup instability has been identified, and tight osseointegration with the acetabular component of the endoprosthesis has been marked in three zones according to DeLee and Charnley scheme.
Conclusions. The results of our study show the effectiveness and feasibility of this technique application in hip replacement at osteoporosis with the effects of trauma in this period of observation.


hip joint; acetabulum; osteoporosis; arthroplasty; wall thickening


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