Standardized Assessment of the Severity of Gunshot and Mine-Blast Injuries due to Current Combat Operations

S.O. Huriev, D.I. Kravtsov, A.V. Ordatii


During the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in the Eastern Ukraine, there has been a significant increase of victims with the mine-blast trauma. It definitely requires a standardization of the injury severity indexes and the state of the affected ones, which will make it possible to form an adequate and an effective therapeutic approach and to determine optimal clinical and organizational forms of medical care. This study is based on a multi-component analysis of cases of the gunshot and mine-blast trauma in victims, who were injured during combat operations during ATO in the East of Ukraine within the period of January-March 2015. 151 cases of the mine-blast injuries were analyzed. An array of studies has been assessed by the ASS, PTS, RTS, TS and Lindzau scales in the modification of H.O. Mozhaiev and I.R. Malysh. Based on the analysis using Lindzau scale, we have introduced a number of additional criteria for the evaluation. As a result of the modification of a standardized system of the injury index according to Lindzau, we have invented HKO scale (named after Huriev, Kravtsov, Ordatii), which allows to assess effectively and adequately the severity of the injury and the state of the victim; the level of coincidence with reality is 85–90 %. Also, the advantage of this scale is the simplicity of its application and a short term of assessment.


standardized assessment of the injury severity; mine-blast trauma; mine-blast injury; polysystemic injuries


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