Mineral Density, Trabecular Bone Score and Frequency of the Low-Energy Fractures in Women with Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

V.V. Povoroznyuk, L.P. Martyniuk


To determine the mineral density, bone quality and frequency of the low-energy fractures in women with obesity and metabolic syndrome, we had made a retrospective analysis of case histories of 651 postmenopausal women (average age was 64.20 ± 7.96 years old, average duration of menopause 14.96 ± 8.40 years old). Patients were divided into three groups. The first group (396 persons) contained women without a history of fractures. The rest of the patients were included into the groups of low-energy fractures: vertebral — 60 individuals and non-vertebral — 195 women. Groups were comparable for age, weight and duration of menopause. Additionally, patients were divided into subgroups of people without obesity, with obesity (BMI ≥ 30.0 kg/m2) and metabolic syndrome (verified according to the criteria recommended by the IDF, 2005). Bone mineral density was determined by X-ray densitometer (Prodigy, 2005). Statistical analysis was performed using Statistica 6.0. The study found that bone mineral density is significantly higher in all areas of the skeleton in subgroups of patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome compared to women without obesity. However, the significant differences in the incidence of low-energy fractures in patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome compared with those without obesity were absent. This may indicate that obesity and metabolic syndrome are risk factors of fractures.


bone mineral density; fractures; obesity; metabolic syndrome


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