Innovations in the Conservative Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot in Children under 1 Year of Age

A.F. Levytskyi, O.V. Karabeniuk, O.O. Holubenko


Objective: analyzing the effectiveness of the conservative treatment for congenital clubfoot in infants by Ponseti and Zatsepin methods using the innovations offered by us. Materials and methods of the work. There was performed an analysis of treatment of 71 children (89 feet) with idiopathic congenital clubfoot, who underwent hospital and outpatient treatment in the National Children’s Specialized Hospital «Mother and Child Welfare» for the period from 2008 to 2015. Conclusion. According to the treatment outcomes in infants, we can conclude that good results were obtained in 91.0 and 94.7 % of cases, respectively, when using both Zatsepin and Ponseti method in the short-term period. However, in the remote period, when using Ponseti method, good results were recorded in 83.3 % of patients, and during the treatment by Zatsepin — in 55.6 %. Thus, in the treatment by Ponseti, we have received better results, time of casting was reduced (from 6–8 months to 4–7 weeks), as well as hospital stay. Using ultrasound examination of Achilles tendon before and after achillotomy allows to confirm reliably its intersection, to explore the stages of full functional recovery. Application of this approach provides a complete correction of plantar flexion of the foot after the achillotomy and can reduce the rate of relapse. Analysis of unsatisfactory treatment outcomes showed that the older the patient, the lower the efficiency of the traditional Zatsepin method.


clubfoot; treatment; Ponseti method; Zatsepin method


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