Current Potential for Orthosis in Complex Treatment of Talipes Equinoplanovalgus in Childhood

A.I. Korolkov, G.V. Kikosh


The article presents current options for the use of orthoses (brace) different designs that are currently used to prevent the development of recurrence in the complex treatment of tapiles equinoplanovalgus in children of different ages. The authors propose to use brace and orthoses of their own design. The analysis of the available orthoses shows that their use in children with deformities of the feet correspond to modern requirements and provides the segment immobilization; favorable conditions for recovery processes; segment support function; prevent the recurrence of deformities and, if necessary, allow conduct a staged elimination of deformation while maintaining satisfactory joint function of the foot. This greatly improves the results of treatment of this challen-ging group of patients, and gives reason to recommend devices for wide clinical use.


orthosis at tapiles equinoplanovalgus (clubfoot); brace; I. Ponseti’s method


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