Pharmacoeconomic Analysis of Complex Treatment of Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Using L-lysine Aescinat

L.V. Yakovlіeva, O.V. Tkachоvа, S.V. Sur, N.O. Solobiukova, O.O. Makarov


Рharmacoeconomic cost-effectiveness analysis was conducted according to the materials of open randomized study on the efficacy of L-lysine aescinat (production of Halychpharm OJSC, Arterium Corporation) in patients with severe traumatic brain injury (STBI). There has been carried out a comparative evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of treatment of patients with STBI using two drug regimens: standard and combination therapy with administration of L-lysine aescinat. Choice of optimal treatment regimens was based on the results of pharmacoeconomic analysis followed by univariant sensitivity analysis in terms of drug price fluctuations. According to the pharmacoeconomic analysis results, the use of L-lysine aescinat in conjunction with standard therapy is clinically and economically more advantageous, as indicated by the high therapeutic efficacy of treatment and its significantly lower cost.


severe traumatic brain injury; capillary stabilizers; pharmacoeconomic cost-effectiveness analysis



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