Role of Bone Scintigraphy, Radiography and Ultrasound Examination in the Diagnostic Screening at Hip Replacement

M.M. Tkachenko, P.O. Korol


To determine the role of bone scintigraphy, radiography and ultrasound examination in the diagnostic screening at hip replacement, there were examined 65 patients with deforming osteoarthritis aged 31–75 years.
It was found that a comprehensive study of the hip joint, which includes classical radiography, bone scintigraphy, ultrasound examination, greatly expands the diagnostic capabilities in hip athroplasty. In the diagnosis of pathological states at hip replacement, there should be used simultaneously classical radiography (or bone scintigraphy) and ultrasonic method when determining the stage of the pathological process in the hip joints, and in combination with computer tomography — to monitor the dynamics of the pathological process after arthroplasty.


bone scintigraphy; radiography; ultrasound examination; hip replacement


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