Systematization of the Radiologic-Morphometric Parameters of Acetabular Area during Femoral Head Aseptic Necrosis

A.V. Altanets, A.E. Oleinyk, E.A. Kovbasa, A.E. Loskutov


There is still no data regarding correlation between the femoral head aseptic necrosis staging and the total hip endoprosthesis construction demonstrating the best clinical outcomes. Absence of the single approach to the acetabular component type selection based on the present classification principles determines the necessity for the identification and grouping of the acetabular area condition’s roentgen-morphometric criteria. This gives an opportunity to objectify the optimal acetabular component type selection abstracted from the hip head aseptic necrosis sta­ging framework. Based on the radiologic-morphometric analysis there were detected series of criteria describing the acetabular and the supraacetabular area conditions, which give an opportunity to draw the deformation patterns requiring the differentiated acetabular component type selection. There were identified five morpho-implantation groups. Analysis of the biomechanical conditions, formed in each of the group allows justifying the correct acetabular component type application in order to achieve durable endoprosthesis stability.


total hip replacement; aseptic necrosis; acetabulum; radiologic morphometry


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