Continuous Passive Motion Machines in the Rehabilitation after Arthroscopic Knee Cartilage Microfracturing

O. Baiandina, D. Huhushkin


The paper presents the results of the restorative rehabilitation of patients after arthroscopic knee cartilage microfracturing in the early postoperative period. Compared with the control group (12 patients), patients of the main group (12 patients) additionally underwent a course of mechanotherapy on continuous passive motion machines. It has been found that the use of mechanotherapy accelerates functional recovery of the knee joint and improves dynamic performance of the gait of the patients.


knee joint; cartilage lesions; arthroscopy; microfracturing; rehabilitation; mechanotherapy; continuous passive motion machine


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Тактика відновного лікування хворих із дефектами суглобового хряща колінного суглоба після артроскопічного мікрофрактурування / Рой І.В., Баяндіна О.І., Костогриз О.А., Катюкова Л.Д. // Ортопедия, травматология и протезирование. — 2014. — № 4. — С. 104-110.

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