Stress-Strain State of the Achilles Tendon in Calcaneal Fracture with Peripheral Fragment Dislocation

I.A. Lazarev, O.A. Radomskyi, P.V. Riabokon, M.V. Skyban


The stress-strain state of the Aсhilles tendon in case of calcaneal fracture with anterior and upward displacement of peripheral fragment, with shortening the overall length of the foot by 2, 3.53 and 5 % was studied on the mathematical model by finite element analysis. There was analyzed the moment of heel elevation above the surface of support (push off) in the gait cycle with a load of 75 kg body weight, at which m.triceps surae develops maximum force. There were obtained parameters of stress (σmax = 5.24 МРа), strains (εmax = 0.0035 mm) and displacements (∆max = 0.22 mm/mm) on the Achilles tendon for the intact heel bone. The largest displacement occurs in the area with the highest rate of the Achilles tendon ruptures. Anterior and upward displacement of peripheral fragment in calcaneal fracture lead to a rapid increase in stress on the Achilles tendon, which, with foot shortening by 5 %, increased by 19.7 %, with almost unchanged strain parameter. Displacement rate was increased by 18.2 %. With significant displacements of peripheral fragment and high levels of loads, the stress on the Achilles tendon may exceed the limit of its strength.


calcaneal fracture; Achilles tendon; finite element modeling; stress; strain


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