Changing Methods of Osteosynthesis for Pelvis Bones Fractures in Patients with Polytrauma

Yu.Ya. Fil, G.V. Lobanov, S.Ye. Huriev, A. Zavadskyi, A.Yu. Fil


There was analyzed the results of treatment of 20 patients
with polytrauma and unstable pelvic fractures, who underwent
the change of the treating methods for the pelvis fractures, and 15
patients who underwent primary treatment only with system external
fixation in the trauma unit of the 8th city hospital during 2009–2014.
The patients of both groups with unstable pelvic fractures were
treated using anti-shock measures combined with the external pin
fixators pelvis fractures. Emergency surgical stabilization of the pelvis
fractures is the lifesaving measure. In the patients in shock stabilization
of fractures of the long tube bones might and should be performed immediately. The external fixation systems use is appropriate.
Extra-cortical osteosynthesis of pelvic bones is necessary in
acetabular fractures.
According to European standards the displacement of the bone
fragments more than 2–3 mm, especially in acetabular area, is an
invariable indication for open reposition and internal osteosynthesis.
These surgeries should be performed not later than 3 weeks from the
injury, as in later periods achievement of good matching of the fragments is impossible.


polytrauma; change of the methods; pelvis fractures


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