Hypothermia as One of the Causes of Mortality in Patients with Polytrauma at the Early Hospital Stage

S.O. Guryev, A.Yu. Fil, B.B. Lemishko


There were studied the results of examining 52 patients with polytrauma and skeletal injuries who have been admitted to Lviv municipal 8th city clinical hospital in 2010–2015 in the spring-summer and autumn-winter periods. Groups were formed by age, gender, mechanism of inj uries and their severity. The temperature in different parts of the body has been analyzed. There were differences in temperature decrease in axillary area by 1–2 degrees compared with temperature in the inguinal and rectal areas; an objective probability of measuring temperature in inguinal and rectal areas has been marked. In the cold season, if much time (over an hour) passed between the accident and admittance to hospital, there was a hemodynamic deterioration (hypotension, bradycardia) with increase in the surface frequency of respiratory movements that complicates the work of anesthetists on correction of vital functions.


hypothermia; polytrauma; treatment; mortality


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