Analysis of Using Medical Diagnostic Technologies in Victims of Traffic Accidents in a City Hospital

S.O. Guriev, S.P. Satsyk, V.P. Yevdoshenko, R.O. Natsevych


In modern conditions, the organization of diagnostic measures and providing medical care to victims with polytrauma requires improvement.
The objective of the study was to analyze the use of modern medical technologies to diagnose injuries in victims of traffic accidents.
We have investigated the diagnostic process in 139 patients with polytrauma and long bone injuries due to traffic accidents, who were treated at Poltava city hospital № 1. The analysis included studying the primary clinical professional examination of the victims on admission to hospital, radiological, ultrasonographic studies and computed tomography. Shortcomings in the volumes and timeliness of using medical diagnostic technologies in victims of traffic accidents in a city hospital were detected.
Conclusions. 1. Fractures of the long bones in victims of traffic accidents are usually a component of polysystemic damage, require examination of several organs and systems, leading to delay implementation of adequate remedial measures. 2. The use of modern medical technologies to diagnose injuries in victims of traffic accidents in a city hospital is insufficient in terms of the volume and is not optimal and adequate in terms of time. 3. Time-lag and lack of purposefulness of diagnostic measures is one of the causes that reduce the effectiveness of medical interventions in patients with long bone fractures due to traffic accidents, which in turn leads to a very high lethality of patients.


trauma; traffic accident; injury; diagnosis


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