Biomechanical Rationale for Use of Minimally Invasive Technologies in Fractures of the Proximal Tibial Epimetaphysis (Clinical and Experimental Study)

A.A. Buryanov, V.P. Kvasha, M.S. Shidlovsky, Ye.A. Skobenko, Yu.L. Sobolevsky, A.M. Laksha, T.M. Omelchenko, A.B. Golovchak


The study was conducted in 119 patients with fractures of the proximal tibial epimetaphysis. In the analysis of fracture type we used Schatzker classification. Developed differential tactics of fragment fixation depending on the type of fracture using arthroscopic method made it possible to avoid arthrotomy, to visualize fully the structure of the knee joint (meniscus, ligaments), to carry out an adequate reduction control and to combine osteosynthesis for fragments with surgical interventions in connection with damage of intraarticular structures that reduces surgical trauma, number of complications in the postoperative period, provides rapid recovery of function and range of motion and, as a consequence, reduced disability time and improved treatment outcomes.


fracture; proximal tibial epimetaphysis; surgery; arthroscopic technique; osteosynthesis


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