Mistakes and Complications of Revision Prosthetics in Patients with Aseptic Loosening of Acetabular Component of Femoral Endoprosthesis

G.V Gaiko, V.P. Torchinsky, O.M. Sulima, V.M. Pidgayetsky, T.I. Osadchuk, O.V. Kalashnikov, T.V. Nizalov, A.A. Galuzynsky, R.A. Kozak


On the basis of comprehensive research of the 188 patients who underwent revision hip replacement we defined reliable factors of early and late onset of instability of acetabulum component of the endoprosthesis. Factors that led to the reinstability of components endoprosthesis are: use of implants without functional coating and cement type of fixation of revision component; lack of osteoplastic substitution of the acetabular defect exceeding 50 cm3; implantation of component in not recommended position and insignificant, up to 40 %, overlap with a bone; errors in the technical execution of the bone defect plasty more than 150 cm3, which did not provide contact of the transplanted bone with original bed (up to 50 %), leading to lysis of the transplanted bone and secondary displacement of component in the first three years of the survey. Septic instability of the revision component was the result of contamination by hip microorganisms and inappropriate antibiotic prophylaxis of this complication. The cause of the dislocation of revision endoprosthesis head was implantation of the revision component in a non-recommended position with bone overlapping less than 40 %.


revision prosthetics; hip joint; aseptic loosening of the endoprosthesis; prosthetic complication


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