Peculiarities of Rehabilitation of Patients with Radial Head Fractures after Reconstructive Surgeries

I.M. Kurinny, O.S. Strafun


The article deals with the use of modern markers of inSummary. About 4.3 % of all fractures are fractures of bones of the elbow region. Elbow joint is disposed to contractures development after injuries and fractures of its bones can often lead to significant functional impairment. This paper presents recommendations about rehabilitation of patients after radial head reconstructive surgeries, that where designed in our clinic.
We analyzed long-term results of treatment in patients after reconstructive surgeries for proximal radius fractures. The total number of observations was 46: 18 men and 28 women. The age of patients ranged from 7 to 62 years and in average was 30.03 ± 12.66 years. The right extremity was injured in 29 cases, the left — in 17.
Rehabilitation of patients after surgical treatment of radial head fractures is very important in achieving positive treatment outcomes. Its nature and intensity depends on the type of surgery and the time elapsed after surgery. Important milestones in achieving of full range of motion in the elbow, we believe are: plastering of patient in the position of maximal extension at the elbow postoperatively; the beginning of an active rehabilitation program from the 1st day after surgery; use of changeable immobilization splints for elbow joint in the position of maximum flexion and extension of the elbow joint with their gradual replacement when the angle is larger.
Developed system of postoperative elbow rehabilitation allowed getting 80 % of good and excellent results of treatment in patients with radial head fractures.


radial head fractures; rehabilitation; elbow contracture


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