Efficacy of Lornoxicam (Xefocam) in the Treatment of Gonarthritis in Patients with Osteoarthritis

I.Yu. Golovach, I.P. Semeniv, T.M. Chipko, Ye.A. Lazorenko


38 patients with gonarthritis, complicated with relapsing synovitis, underwent a course of treatment with lornoxicam. The purpose of the study was to assess the efficacy and safety of lornoxicam. As a result of lornoxicam use, we noted quickly and reliably positive dynamics of pain and inflammatory syndromes, which is confirmed by the change of pain index, knee circumference and ultrasound examination data. Results of parenteral administration of lornoxicam confirm its high efficacy in the rapid relief of synovitis symptoms and in reducing pain syndrome. Thus, lornoxicam is effective and safe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and can be recommended for widespread use in the treatment of recurrent synovitis in patients with gonarthritis.


osteoarthritis; synovitis; lornoxicam; efficcacy


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