Problematic Aspects of Modern External Fixation

P.I. Bilinsky, V.O. Chernousov, S.L. Vykhrov, Е.O. Shyshko


In this article the analysis of 33 cases of complications and unsatisfactory results of LCP-plates application is presented. They are designed on the basis of up-to-date technologies, quite difficult in use, require adherence to numerous details, availability of therapeutic appliance. From the perspective of systematic approach, the influence of objective and subjective factors, determined in space and time, on union progress has been analyzed. On the basis hereof preventive measures against probable complications have been developed. New АО techniques require strict indications for osteosynthesis, appropriately experienced doctor, availability of proper materials in sufficient amount. Otherwise, damage resulting from its application can significantly exceed the benefit from these up-to-date promising technologies.


fracture; osteosynthesis by LCP-plate


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