Optimum Location of Drive Device Fixator in Distraction Hip Osteosynthesis Considering Morphological Pelvic Features

V.G. Klimovitsky, G.V. Lobanov, L.D. Goncharova, P.N. Fedulichev, T.A. Fominykh, A.V. Tkach, V.V. Naumenko


The article gives the substantiation of optimal placement of drive device to the wing of the ilium from the point of view of the topography of the area under consideration and anatomical characteristics of the pelvic bones structure. Results of the research, the improvement of the fixing unit and implant technology enabled to reduce the duration of the operation, to achieve a cosmetic effect of the intervention.
We have studied 156 surgical interventions in 126 patients (30 patients underwent simultaneous pair lengthening of the limbs) who underwent femoral lengthening by professor Bliskunov in the classic version. During 2001–2011 by the new technology there were carried out lengthening of 72 hip segments in 38 patients (34 patients underwent simultaneous lengthening of both hips for the low height, 4 patients — posttraumatic shortening of the hip). Among them: women — 9, men — 29, age — from 16 to 52 years. Lengthening value averaged 6.5 ± 1.5 cm. The main contingent of patients was conducted lengthening of both hips with a cosmetic purpose — in 34 patients (89.47 %). Rate of distraction was 1.2–1.4 ± 0.3 mm/day.
The initial version of the implantation of the pelvic node involved dissection of the skin within 5 cm with skeletization of spina iliaca anterior superior, for intervention under the eyes control. Such technology also led to the emergence of bone necrosis under the screw nut to the difficulty of dosing efforts at tightening the lock. To reduce the likelihood of developing necrosis we began to apply the washer under the screw, which increases the contact area with the bone, however, this problem is not completely solved. Location of pelvic node has been selected empirically. Modernized locking device and improved conductor equipment helped to minimize surgical trauma, to refuse X-ray navigation. Possibility of modernized node implantation through two accesses 0.8 and 0.5 cm prevents intrapelvic hematomas.
According to our proposed method, most optimal and biomechanically justified site for pelvic node implantation is the upper section of the gluteal region (regio glutea), bounded above with the iliac crest (crista iliaca), below — gluteal fold (sulcus glutealis), laterally — line connecting spina iliaca anterior superior with greater trochanter, medially — sacrum and coccyx (os sacrum, os coccygis).
Fixation area of drive device of distraction apparatus to the wing of the ilium anatomically justified due to the lack of important anatomical structures (large stems of vessels and nerves), which eliminates the possibility of damage. In area of the iliac crest the thickness of the compact substance is the most optimal and biomechanically justified for implantation of distractor pelvic node. Less traumatism of the locking module with improved cosmetic effect of surgical incisions enables to avoid residual posttraumatic hematoma. The new model of fixator and conductor technology of its installation — is technical simplicity of manipulation, reduced time for module installation, and hence the entire operation time.


drive device; anatomical region; distraction; pelvis


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