The Risk of Local Hypertensive Ischemic Syndrome in Trauma

S.S. Strafun, A.V. Tkach, A.S. Strafun, A.P. Saliy


According to various reports, in traumas local hypertensive ischemic syndrome (LHIS) develops in 20 % of cases. However, LHIS transformation into ischemic Volkmann’s contracture is minimal. Most often the outcome of this syndrome is impaired function and reduced limb strength, delayed fracture healing. These manifestations are due to severe scar-fibrous degeneration, and nonunions are being detected in more severe process.
Based on the analysis of the verified LHIS in 230 patients, we have created a scoring system tp evaluate the prognosis for development and course of this condition.
On the basis of prognostic factors ranking we developed algorithms to diagnose compartment syndrome for traumatically injured and lengthen limb segment, which allow to develop a differentiated treatment strategy and to avoid the development of severe ischemic tissue changes in 89 % of these patients.


diagnosis; edema; ischemia


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