Analysis of Surgical Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Erlacher — Blount Disease

M.S. Kabatsiy, Ye.L. Golyuk, M.M. Nemesh


Objective of the work — to estimate the results of surgical treatment for Erlacher — Blount disease depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s age. Material for the study were medical records and radiographs of the knee joints in 179 patients (278 knees joints) with Blount disease who underwent surgery at our department over the past 30 years. X-ray, roentgenomorphometric, statistical researches had been carried out. Based on the analysis it was found that the method of choice in the treatment of early forms of Blount disease in children under 3 years is semicircular periosteal dissection. In patients older than 3 years, when applying semicircular periosteal dissection, we detected residual varus deformity of the tibia; when applying corrective osteotomy according to Shargorodsky, 25 % of patients had a recurrence of the deformity, which required reoperation. The analysis showed the need to develop and implement a differentiated approach to surgical treatment of Erlacher — Blount disease, the use of which would improve the results and reduce the relapse rate.


Erlacher — Blount disease; semicircular periosteal dissection; tibial osteotomy according to Shargorodsky; knee joint


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