Development of Locked Nail Osteosynthesis Method for Intraarticular Calcaneal Fractures (Osteometric Study)

O.A. Radomsky, P.V. Ryabokon


The use of surgical treatment regimens for intraarticular calcaneal fractures using extensible approach and osteosynthesis with reconstructive plates causes a significant number of complications and unsatisfactory outcomes. To eliminate them we developed a method of intraosseous locked nail osteosynthesis for calcaneal fractures. Osteometric studies of the calcaneus had been performed, which allowed us to make four typical size of locked nail with adap­ted navigation system. At the same time the internal architecture of trabecular system of the calcaneus has been taken into account to provide stable fixation.


calcaneus; osteosynthesis; locked nail; osteometric studies


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