Periprosthetic Fractures: Structure and Causes

G.V. Gaiko, O.V. Kalashnikov, O.M. Sulyma, T.V. Nizalov, R.A. Kozak, O.A. Galuzynsky, P.S. Chernyak


It was carried out a comprehensive study of 20 patients with periprosthetic fractures who were treated in the clinic of State Institution «Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine» in 2003–2012. It is found that the number of patients with periprosthetic fractures after the primary (0.11 %) and revision (3.56 %) total hip replacement meets the standards world’s leading hospitals. Correlation between localization of periprosthetic fractures according to Vancouver classification and factors of their development by Morrey’s table has been proved. Thus, during the revision surgeries severe fractures of type B2 dominated — 63.6 %. In primary total replacement we observed fractures of the greater trochanter (type A2) and fractures around endoprosthesis stem without its instability (type B1). In periprosthetic fractures associated with the patient (due to a fall, car accident) we detected type B2 and B3 fractures and type C fractures (fractures lower endoprosthesis stem) that required an appropriate surgical treatment. Certain structure and reliable factors of periprosthetic fractures allow further development of effective measures of prevention and treatment of this disease.


endoprosthesis; fracture; structure; causes


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