Peculiarities of Morphological Changes in Annular Ligament Tissues in Trigger Finger in Children

A.V. Borzykh, N.N. Bondarenko, D.Yu. Kovalchuk, A.A. Opryshchenko, S.I. Vereshchagin


In this article we presented the results of morphological study of changes in tissues of flexor digitorum tendon annular ligaments in children depending on the clinical stage and duration of the disease. The work is based on the data of the analysis of morphological study of annular ligamens in 47 patients, being treated in Hand Microsurgery Department of Regional Trauma Hospital, Donetsk. The patients were divided into two groups depending on forms of treatment and the period from the beginning of the disease. The research discovered some common patterns of the development of degenerative-dystrophic and inflammatory changes in ligament tissues, tendency for tissues regeneration and recovery in the postoperative period.


trigger finger in children; annular ligament; morphological study of ligament; changes in tissues


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