Features of Antioxidant Protection in Thermal Injury

A.A. Fyodorova, B.G. Borzenko, A.M. Gnilorybov


NO-donors are being successfully used for treatment of various pathologies as vasodilators and cardioprotective drugs. But infusion of great volumes of L-arginine solution can stimulate oxidative stress. We have studied total concentration of nitrates/nitrites in the blood, content of copper-dependent antioxidants and NO-binding — reduced glutathione substrate in patients with severe burns, who received L-arginine during the treatment for burn shock. We have detected that on the 3rd day of treatment after the end of burn shock, 15 % of victims reported more significant, than in other patients, NOx concentration (by 1.5 times), no increase in superoxide dismutase activity, low level of reduced glutathione (2-fold lower than the control one) and a significant decrease, by 1.6 times in comparison with other patients, and 2.5-fold compared with the controls, of ceruloplasmin content. Hence, we can talk about a significant inhibition of cell antioxidant protection while increasing nitric oxide production after infusion of L-arginine in these patients. Mortality in this group was 100 %. Thus, our data suggest the need to study the above-mentioned indicators with individual assessment of the effectiveness of using NO-donors for the treatment of patients with severe burns.


antioxidants; burns; NO-donors


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