Surgical Concept of Treatment of Patients with Multiple Trauma in Acute Period

A.Yu. Fil


The paper deals with the analysis of surgical treatment of patients with acute multiple trauma. Surely, success of the surgery depends both on teamplay of surgical team and usage of high-avid instrument, but mainly on compensatory abilities of relevant physiological systems. Thus in non-compensated coagulation system and evident hypothermia extended primary surgical interventions should be withheld. So early total care should be recognized not as a complete treatment in a narrow time window but as a gradual early stabilization of damaged large segments. During primary treatment it is necessary to consider for each person whether surgeons will result to additional injury and don’t miss opportunity. Within a current comprehension of surgical concept there were dwelt technical aspects of care to the patients with acute multiple trauma depending on a kind of injury and developed physiological changes based on literature data and personal experience.


multiple trauma; surgical treatment; patients


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