Efficiency of Immunocorrection in Treating Children with Initial Manifestation of Dysplastic Scoliosis

V.H. Klimovitsky, L.I. Donchenko, Arar Thaer Jamal Arar Thaer Jamal, A.I. Kravchenko


There was estimated the effectiveness of immunocorrection in a complex treatment of 18 children with I grade dysplastic scoliosis according to the results of clinical and immune studies. The control group involved 19 children treated traditionally. Immune therapy was found to result in prolonged intensive reaction of lymphoid part of immune system and non-specific protective factors that contributes to stabilization of children’s condition without further vertebral deformity.


children; scoliosis; immune correction


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22141/1608-1706.5.15.2014.81749


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