Changes of Fascial Compartment Pressure in Internal Fixation for Forearm Bones in Children Using Elastic Metal Nails

A.F. Levytsky, Yu.R. Terpylovsky, O.V. Bebeshko, V.M. Vityaz


The research is based on the analysis of changes in fascial compartment pressure in 33 children with diaphyseal fractures of the forearm, in whom we used internal fixation by elastic metal nails in the first 24 hours after injury and at 5th–10th day. Analysis suggests that when using closed and open reduction with the following internal fixation, fascial compartment pressure didn’t increase to critical level, and this technique can be used on the first day after the injury, as well as in secondary displacement (at 5th–10th day).


internal fixation; forearm fractures; children; compartment syndrome


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