Optimisation of System for Evaluating the Severity of Injuries and the State of Victims: from Theory to Practice

M.I. Berezka, V.O. Lytovchenko, Ye.V. Garyachy, D.V. Lapshyn


On the basis of comparative analysis of existing systems for evaluation of the severity of injuries (AIS, ISS, MS-I (MI)) and the state of victims (APACHE I, APACHE II, MS-СA), an optimal scale for the victims with multiple trauma was offered to determine the surgical approach — ISS, which provides adequate severity score of the patient’s injury on admission to hospital, helps to conduct a medical triage, to determine treatment strategy and makes it possible to predict the course of traumatic disease.
The disadvantages of this scale is impossibility to consider the age of the patient and less severe injuries of other body systems, and also the assess the injury severity within the single organ system.


scale for evaluating the severity of injuries and the state of victims; multiple trauma; surgical approach


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22141/1608-1706.3.14.2013.87991


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