Prevention and Treatment of Suppurative Complications of Open Fractures of the Long Bones of the Limbs from the Perspective of Systemic Inflammatory Response

K.A. Bodachenko, A.K. Rushay, V.G. Klimovitsky, T.A. Kolosova, S.A. Bessmertny, Makarenko A.V. Makarenko A.V.


The questions of conservative therapy in complex treatment of severe open fractures of long bones of the limbs are considered in this paper on the basis of understanding the processes occurring in organism as systemic inflammatory response syndrome. Biochemical and immunologic changes in the organism of victims with severe open fractures of long bones of the limbs were considered. On the basis of findings, the course of medicamentous treatment of these changes has been offered. Efficiency of this complex is studied and estimated. It is proved that the offered complex of preventive management and treatment options of suppurative complications in severe open fractures of long bones of the limbs, taking into account modern views on the pathogenesis of systemic inflammatory response syndrome, made it possible to reduce the level of purulent complications by 28 % and to decrease hospitalization period for 14 ± 3 days.


open fractures; long bones of the limbs; suppurative complications; systemic inflammatory response; prevention; treatment


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